Top Tips for the Morning of your Family Photo Shoot

I always send my families some tips on how to prepare for a family photo shoot, one thing I think is really important is that everyone feels excited about coming along. However, I know it can feel stressful trying to get everyone photo ready on time and so here are some of my tips for the morning of your shoot.

5 quick tips to prepare for your family photo shoot on the day:

    1. My most important one – don’t get the kids to practise their smiles!!! This is a hard one as I know lots of people do it, but I love the natural smiles and laughs we will get along the way, much more than a cheesy grin.

Natural photograph of girls laughing

      1. Mums get your hair done if there is time, roots touched up, nails if you fancy it and make you number 1 in the getting ready stakes.
      2. Get ready with some snacks! Being on show for the camera is tiring work and snacks are nearly always required.

child holding orange

        1. Don’t stress in the morning. You don’t want it to end up being a chore, more a fun day out, for both children and adults.
        2. Work the shoot around babies and toddler’s naps and meals. I’m very relaxed about how long the shoot takes so if you need to stop for a short break to refuel that’s absolutely fine.

      BONUS TIP!

    1. Hang all your clothes up together with kids clothes overlaid on the parents – then you can see how the clothes will look in your family photograph and whether they will blend together nicely.If you’d like to know more about how my family photo shoots work you can see more info here or pop over to read some of the FAQs here

      You can also follow me over on Pinterest for some great seasonal outfit ideas for both kids and adults.



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