The travelling dress collective – studio shoot

Back in the winter I saw a post on a photography group I am part of for people wanting to get involved in a travelling dress collective. This is where one dress is sent around lots of different photographers and they photograph it in their own style with no restrictions.

I had always wanted to be part of this and so signed up immediately. I was lucky enough to get a spot on the list for the dress I really wanted and then planned out my shoot dates for the weekend I was allocated. I was so excited to see the dress when it arrived. I knew I wanted to do 2 different shoots with it. One beautiful studio session and one on the beach and the timing worked out exactly.

My first model for the travelling dress was the gorgeous Kimberley. She is a fashion student and we had so much fun at the shoot. Kim was so willing to try all the different poses I had in mind and we also tried the dress both ways – I actually preferred the back to front look. So these are my favourite looks, I could share so many more as she looks gorgeous in all of them, so you might see some more popping up on my social media accounts over the next few months.

I’ve put together a short video of our shoot too and a few more photos below, I hope you enjoy it and would love to know what you think.

Coming up next on the blog is going to be my second shoot with the dress which was on the beach at Camber in Sussex. You can also head over to the main blog for the travelling dress here by the organiser Danielle Reeder and see more on the instagram page here. Here are the links to all the other photographers included in the project too.

If you would like to see more from the other members of the collective and the visions they created in full, please feel free to visit any of their websites below:

Danielle Reeder Photography, Andrea B Photography, Art of The Portrait, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Beside The Seaside Photography, Chantal Storrs-Barbor Portrait, Flowtography, Jo Haycock Photography, Life Lived Photography, Lauren Shepherd Photography

A massive thank you to Danni for organising this – it was such a pleasure to be involved.


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