The travelling dress collective – my beach photo shoot

Back in the winter I saw a post on a photography group I am part of for people wanting to get involved in a travelling dress collective. I had always wanted to be part of this and so signed up immediately. I was lucky enough to get a spot on the wait list for the dress I really wanted and then planned out my shoot dates for the weekend I was allocated. I was so excited to see the dress when it arrived. I knew I wanted to do 2 different shoots with it. One beautiful studio session which you can see here and one on the beach and the timing worked out exactly.

After my first shoot the dress and I took off for a girls weekend on the South coast – to Camber sands. I love this beach, the light and the vast expanse of sand and dunes fading into the distance. This day was perfect for our shoot (if a little bit chilly!). My lovely school friend Paula agreed to model this time and I had lots of fun chasing her around the sand dunes and watching her dance across the beach.

I love how filled with joy this photographs are, it shows off Paula’s love for life and that she puts her everything into all she does. Can you tell she is a dancing queen?

Beach photo shoot for women
I love them in black and white too
Beach photo shoot 2

I really enjoyed having a really unusual creative project to work on for this weekend. Would you love your own beach shoot? Please do get in touch if it’s something you’d like to do. I love discussing creative photo shoot ideas!

If you would like to see more from the other members of the collective and the visions they created in full, please feel free to visit any of their websites below:

Danielle Reeder Photography, Andrea B PhotographyArt of The PortraitAshleigh Shea PhotographyBeside The Seaside PhotographyChantal Storrs-Barbor PortraitFlowtographyJo Haycock PhotographyLife Lived PhotographyLauren Shepherd Photography

We were all super excited that our travelling dress project got picked up by the photography blog PetaPixel. 

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