June 9 on the 9th – family photographer Motspur Park

This is my latest from my 9 on the 9th project. It’s actually based over a couple of days this time, so bending the rules slightly! It’s the one way that I manage to get some family photographs every month with the big camera. So often we resort to using phones or iPads and then I get really upset when the quality is not good!

This includes a lovely fruit bowl made by my aunt who also joins in with the 9 on the 9th project every month. It also forced me to get our new pictures up on the wall (just so I could take a photo of them!). They are from the website FY which is really reasonable and has such a variety of different images. Each of these is one of our favourite animals – can you guess who’s is who’s?

9 photos of family

I’ve had both my previous years images printed and made up into a book, my daughter loves looking at them so it encourages me to keep going every month and make it personal to her and us. I used Blurb which make small square books which really suited this project.

If you would like to get involved in our project then please get in touch. If you would like to see more of my work with family photography sessions at home in the New Malden and Motspur Park area you can see more on my page here or contact me by email at hello@rebeccachallisphotography.co.uk


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