July 9 – Family Photographer New Malden

My latest post from my monthly personal project. I had great plans this month to visit the lavender fields after school and update our family photographs, but it was hot and sweaty and looking a bit stormy so we decided to give it a miss. So here is my 9 for July, some planning at home, our way home from school bike ride, my poor child trying to avoid the camera (for everyone that thinks she is always a compliant model!!) and some lovely ones. One featuring Marvin the mouse who has been missing for months and finally turned up the other day in one of my camera bags, tucked in a very hidden pocket!

One of these (the leap) has been stolen from my other project this year – our Sunday – where I take one photo every Sunday of the year and today I have been looking through all the images I have taken so far this year. I’m really excited about this one and how it has documented our family life so nicely. I’m going to put together both a slideshow and a book for this when it’s finally finished.

family photography new malden

If you are interested in having a family photographer document your memories, then please get in touch. I’m booking up Lavender sessions at the moment and summer holiday park sessions too. Make the most of the summer days and long evenings!

Look at the Lavender Sessions here



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