9 on the 9th March 2018

I started this 9 on the 9th photography project in January 2016 after a year of daily photographs for a personal 365 day photography project. I still wanted to document our lives, and use the BIG camera (as we call it) but not have the pressure of a daily photograph which really was a big commitment. I set up a Facebook group and have been lucky enough to have a dedicated group of friends and friends of friends, join me on this project. We post monthly in our group with our photos and everyone has a different take on the project. Some take on themes, or colours for the month, some post of their day, whatever that may have been, some of family life. We have people from all over the world (and lots of locals) so there is a real variety.

I have put a couple of main rules on my project – one is that I try for the main part to take the images with my DSLR, the other is that all my images are square cropped to make a nice neat book at the end of the year. I always try and get a nice photo of my daughter, so I know I will have that monthly image. Things don’t always go to plan and we are flexible about our rules, this month my photos were all taken on the 10th! Cheating I know!! The 9th was rainy and dreary and I worked at home all day and was completely uninspired….. The 10th was much better.

If you’d like to join us then please do! The link to the group is here or drop me an email and I will add you on. Or join in on Instagram with the hashtag 9onthe9th. Here are my images for Marc! Taken at home in New Malden and nearby at my sister’s allotment on Canon Hill Common. My favourite of the month is the bird’s eye view of my daughter flicking through the album from my 2017 project which just arrived this week.

Personal photography 9onthe9th


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