9 on the 9th January 2018

We are back for 2018!! This will be the third year we have photographed our 9 photos every month on the 9th and I’m looking forward to seeing what the group has in store. Some people have started looking at themes for each month which is a good way to get some variety! I’m just glad that with this and my Project 52 #mysunday I am using my “big” camera to take some photos of our every day life,

So here is my 9 for January 2018 – it includes a beautiful amaryllis my sister gave me which we were so proud we managed to grow! Breakfast before school watching strictly reruns, all our kit piled up before we left home, me to yoga and her to school (matchy matchy!), coffee of course….lots of after school photos before and after gymnastics for Carmen. Just for the record I don’t generally approve of just wearing your leotard at home in January, but luckily our house is v. warm!

As always if you would like to join in our project please get in touch. We have a really friendly bunch sharing our monthly photos over on our private Facebook group here (please request to join) and you can also share on Instagram under the #9onthe9th. If you are looking for another photography project for 2018 then check out this blog post from a few weeks ago…..


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