9 on the 9th {Personal photography project}

I really enjoy a personal photography project and in 2015 I undertook a mammoth photography project of a photo every day aka Project 365. It sounds easy but in reality, it’s not just one photo but SO MANY PHOTOS!!! Within my 365 project I joined a group which focused on different types of light each month, it really stretched and inspired me but, I would often take 50 or so photos and then end up with quite a few that I liked. So 6 months later I am still editing and organising them…..watch this space for more on that, one day!

For 2016 I wanted something a bit more manageable and something to share with a group. So now we have our 9 on the 9th group! Each month on the 9th we all take our 9 photographs of our day (there are no rules around what to take the photos of) and share them with the group. It’s really interesting seeing everyone’s take on the project and I love how my last 6 months have turned out. I wanted something that would be very simple to edit and share so every month I have kept all my photographs square and so I have a very consistent set of images. Some months are harder than others, either you are busy or not inspired, but I’m always grateful to look back on what I have done. So here are my 1st 6 months of 2016 #9onthe9th.

9th January 2016 (the puddley one)

#9onthe9th Jan

 9th February 2016 (Pancake Day!)9 on the 9th 020b_WEB

9th March 2016 (the B&W one)

365 Carmen 9on9th 016b_WEB

9th April 2016 (Spring!)

365 Carmen 021b_WEB

9th May 2016 (the one we all forgot and it became 9 on the 10th!)

#9onthe9th May

June 2016 (the hot one)365 Carmen 9 002b_print

I’d love for people to join in if you would like to! Please drop me a message and I will add you to our facebook group. Or share your 9 on instagram with the #90nthe9th. I’m hoping some of my 9 on the 9th team are willing to share their photos as guests on my blog! Watch this space for more…





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