5 Personal Photography Projects for 2018

I love a personal photography project and I’m always looking out for new ones to join in with. This year I’ve decided to share 5 ideas for a 2018 photography project. Some are easier to manage, others will take more planning and work, but hopefully all will be enjoyable!


mindful January themes

Savouring January 2018

1. Gabrielle Treanor’s – mindful January on Instagram

Prompts shared for each day of January to take some time to be mindful. Can be shared on Instagram with the hashtag savouringjanuary2018 or keep the photos to yourself, whichever you prefer. This is one I’m hoping to join in with where I can in January.
share on Instagram with #savouringjanuary2018


2. Project 365

The classic – one photo every day for the whole year. There are lots of groups to share your photos – search for groups on Facebook, 500pix or Google+. You will also find lots of 365 Projects taking place on Instagram. Using these hashtags will find you some like minded people to follow or join up with. Some also provide daily prompts. You could also do a photo per day of a certain view or person, a great way to see change in both the photographs and in your skills!


3. Project 52

One photo per week – great for starting off. Or choose the best photo you have taken that week.  This one has prompts and challenges and looks very organised. https://dogwood.photography/52weekchallenge.html  I’m planning to join in with #mysundayphoto which as it says is a photo every Sunday and posted on Instagram.


Photography Project 9onthe9th

9 0n the 9th Nov 2017

4. 9 on the 9th

This is a group that I started 2 years ago! We post 9 photographs of our day on the 9th of every month usually in a Facebook group and sometimes I post on Instagram too #9onthe9th. Some people have themes, some don’t. I’ve really enjoyed doing this the past couple of years. Please feel free to ask to join the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/482068985318631/ if you would like to start for 2018, we have between 10-15 active members each month, lots local to me but also in other countries!


5. WHP – The Weekend Hashtag Project on Instagram

An easy one to join in for the weekend and interpretation of the theme is really up to you,
Instagram releases the theme every Friday, if you post a photo with the hashtag #WHP….. then you are in with a chance of being featured by Instagram, if you get featured, be prepared for a huge increase in followers overnight! Check out the New Year one for this weekend here http://blog.instagram.com/post/169083508272/171229-whpresolutions2018


Some other tips on completing these challenges
photography project 2018

9 0n the 9th Aug 2017

1. Set yourself some rules – I say my photos should always be taken with the “big camera”, it makes me take it out for family stuff much more often than I otherwise would. I also crop all of my 9 on the 9th photos to a square so they make a neat little square each month.
2. Carve some specific time out to take, edit and post the photos. It takes some planning to get different photos each day or month. A really useful app for planning your Instagram is planoly – you can add your files in order to post later.
3. Organise your files!!! This is probably the most important tip – name your files with the same initials or name each time you download them so they are easily found. Or if you have the ability to use keywords then add personal or project to each. Perhaps organise or order once a week or once a month to stay on top of things.
4. Print your photos too! I made a small square book from last years nine photos and have another one almost ready to go. I also print off small 4×6 prints every couple of months to have stuck on our fridge or in a box for us to look through.
5. Enjoy it!!! Your project, your way. Don’t feel bad if you miss a day or are late.


Please do share with me any projects that you start!





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